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The system of Paper Submission in this site is designed to receive the articles and also to enable the authors to review and modify their papers, before the process of the paper review. In the system, all the steps of registration of the authors, review of the paper and declaration of the article status are shown and the corresponding author can follow them.

Registration: Before submission you must register as a user of the site. At the main page click on the Registration button, fill out "The Registration Form" and submit it. After submission of the completed registration form, a private page will be constructed for you. In order to follow the status of your paper, login by typing your username and password in the Login box on the main page of the site. Then, you will be able to observe and edit your registration form in "Edit Profile Section" and "Observe the Status" of your submitted articles in "My Articles Section".

Submission of the Paper: The paper must be prepared by the format of IJOP Paper Template. To submit your paper, please login on the first page of your private page, click on the "Form of Article Submission". It is requested from the article submitters to submit their original texts in accordance with the identified template. By clicking on the "Browse…" button and upload the paper in the format of MS-Word and Adobe Acrobat. Click on the "Next Step" button. When you see the browsed files, click on the "Send the Attachments" in order to send any attached file which you think is required for your paper. A message will appear to clarify the successful submission of the article.

Status of the Paper: To follow the status of your submitted article, you can login and observe the status of your articles in "My Articles Section".
For the case of any query, please contact us by: 

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Information For Authors

Information for Authors:
International Journal of Optics and Photonics (IJOP) is published semiannually with the purpose of publication of original and significant contributions relating to optical and photonic material, components, devices, phenomena, and applications, optical communications, optical fibers, laser physics, systems, and technology.

Manuscripts: The electronic file of the manuscript must be submitted, complete with all illustrations. The manuscript must be in double column format using IJOP_Paper_Template. Number all references, pages, figures, equations, and tables in single series.
Please upload manuscripts through the Website of the Journal ( Full mailing address, telephone, fax numbers, and e-mail addresses are required.

Copyright: Submission of a manuscript amounts to assurance that it has not been copyrighted, published, accepted for publication or under review elsewhere, and will not be submitted elsewhere while is under review by IJOP. Authors are required to sign an IJOP copyright transfer 
Agreement at the time of submission.

The paper styles: For any part of the paper, a special style is defined. The authors are urged to read this and follow the recommendations to organize their paper.

Abstract: The manuscript must include an abstract. The abstract should cover four points: statement of problem, assumptions, and methods of solutions, results and conclusion of the importance of the results.

Keywords are mandatory and must be 4-10 keywords and phrases, separated by "," or ";" which describe the major points or topics covered in the article.

Figures' captions should be sufficiently clear so that the figures can be understood without referring to the main text. Do not include captions on the figures themselves. Lettering and details should be large enough to be clear when the drawing is reduced to one-column width (<8 cm). Axes of graphs should have self-explanatory labels, not just symbols (e.g., Electric Field (V/m) rather than E) with appropriate unit. Figures must have jpg or TIFF Format.

References require a complete author list, including abbreviations of the author names and their complete family without using "et al." even for 100 authors, complete title in double quotation for papers, Vol. of the Journal, first and last pages of the paper, and year of the publication. All references should be archived materials such as journal articles, books, and conference proceedings. Web pages should not be referenced, since their content and accessibility may change over time.
Citation Style: The IEEE Reference style (example)

More information can be found in IJOP_Paper_Template. For the case of any query, please contact us by: info[]

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