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The manuscript must be in double column format with all instruction given in the IJOP Template. The manuscript must include an abstract. The abstract should cover four points: statement of problem, assumptions and methods of solutions, important results and discussion, and conclusion. All pages, figures, and tables must be numbered in a single series. The List of References require all authors names abbreviations, surnames, complete title inside “  ,” Journal name abbreviation, Journal volume, first and last pages, and year of publication for each entry. Web pages should not be referenced, since their content and accessibility may change over time. Independent of the manuscript text, Figure caption and Table Title should be sufficiently clear, so that the figures and tables can be understood without detailed referring to the accompanying text. Do not include captions on the figures themselves. Figure Lettering and details should be large enough to be readily legible, when the drawing is reduced to one-column width. Axes of graphs should have self-explanatory labels, not just symbols (e.g., Electric Field (V/m) rather than E (V/m)). Photographs should be used sparingly, and must be glossy prints or electronic files with jpg, png, or TIFF Format. Direct copies of instrument screens are not acceptable. The maximum size of manuscript file which can be uploaded is 4 Mb. If your file size is more than this limit, follow the instructions in the file to reduce the file size: How to Compress Pictures to Reduce the File Size. The electronic file of the manuscript, complete with all illustrations must be submitted electronically in the Journal site:

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