The electronic file of the manuscript must be submitted, complete with all illustrations. ‘The manuscript must include an abstract limited to about 300 words. The abstract should cover four points: statement of problem, assumptions, and methods of solutions, results and conclusion or discussion of the importance of the results. The manuscript must be in double column format using IJOP template (Download Template). Number all pages, including figures (which should be grouped at the end), in a single series. The style for references, abbreviations, etc. should follow the IJOP format. For information on preparing a manuscript, please refer to IJOP webpage at the following URL: Prospective authors are urged to read this and follow its recommendations on the organization of their paper. References and captions should each be slatted on a separate sheet of paper. References require a complete title, a complete author list, and first and last pages cited for each entry. All references should be archived material such as journal articles, books, and conference proceedings. Web pages should not be referenced, since their content and accessibility may change over time. Figure captions should be sufficiently clear so that the figures can be understood without detailed reference to the accompanying text. Do not include captions on the figures themselves. Lettering and details should be large enough to be readily legible when the drawing is reduced to one-column width—as much as 4:1 reduction from the original. Axes of graphs should have self-explanatory labels, not just symbols (e.g., Electric Field rather than E). Photographs should be used sparingly, and must be glossy prints or electronic files with TIFF Format. Direct copies of instrument screens are not acceptable.

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IJOP Call for Papers


International Journal of Optics and Photonics (IJOP) is published semiannually with the purpose of publication of original and significant contributions relating to photonic-lightwave components and applications, laser physics and systems, and laser-electrooptic technology.

Original contributions are welcomed which relate advances, or state-of-the-art capabilities in the theory, design, applications, fabrication, performance and characterization of: Lasers and optical devices; Laser Spectroscopy; Lightwave communication systems and subsystems; Nanophotonics; Nonlinear Optics; Optical Based Measurements; Optical Fiber and waveguide technologies; Optical Imaging; Optical Materials; Optical Signal Processing; Photonic crystals; and Quantum optics, and any other related topics.

Research Letters in Optics and Photonics will be published using an open access publication model, meaning that all interested readers will be able to freely access the journal online without the need for a subscription. The journal has a distinguished editorial board with extensive academic qualifications, ensuring that the journal will maintain high scientific standards and have a broad international coverage. A full list of editors can be found on the journal's website at

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